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How is my Camp Blog Experience so far? November 19, 2009

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Sleeping on a soft bed, watching television, taking a bath in the shower room in villa 1442 are the most memorable experiences of our 11-day stay in Mimosa. This is the place where I gained new friends. On the other hand, the one I like best is the learning experience. I learned so many things from the lectures with regards to blogging. Stategies and techniques in blogging do help me in improving the structure/layout of my blogsite as well as my blog content. I enjoy posting pictures, videos and animations in my site. I do hope I won’t revise much of my blogs after the critiquing.

One thing I like least is the sleepless night due to homesickness!!

Volcanic Expression November 19, 2009

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The Danger and the Wonder of Nature

Filipino people call Mayon Volcano “The Perfect Cone” because of its perfect shape.  It is a  Scoria Cone or Cinder Cone volcano. Mayon is described as the smallest type with heights generally less than 300 meters. It has large bowl  summit crater and straight sides with steep slopes. Its eruption type is  Strombolian. These descriptions explain why Mt. Mayon has its perfect cone shape.  Many of us can say, it’s one of the famous tourist spots and active volcanoes in the Philippines. Some of us may ask, “Where did it get its name?.” Mayon was derived from the Bicol epic story. It tells about the story of Daragang Magayon. Daraga, a place where Mt. Mayon is located was also derived from it. In a year, there are tourists visiting the place. The residents of Daraga Albay do appreciate its beauty especially the admiration of other people to it.

“Everything has an end.” This saying is constantly true. Let me take you back two years ago. It was December 2007 when super typhoon Reming hit the land of Albay. It was really devastating and noted as a great disaster. While typhoon Reming was heading its way, Mayon Volcano incidentally erupted. The lahar flowed all throughout the place and many people lost their lives. The deluge washed away the houses in low-lying areas especially those houses sited near the volcano. The volcanic gases like Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen chloride, and  Sulfur dioxide  affected their health and caused pollution. What a sad experience on their part.

After the disaster, Albay is now recuperating from the great destruction. That’s why I can only say, it wasn’t an end. The Albayanons have gained back the natural beauty of Mayon. As we all know ,volcanic eruptions have disadvantages but for people in Albay, there are also advantages. The pyroclastic materials released by the volcano have become the source of income. They made different crafts out of them for souvenirs. Right now, the province of Albay is not only famous for its tourist spot but also for its products made of pyroclastic materials.

PYROCLASTIC  MATERIALS                                   Pyroclastic Products

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Most Favorite WordPress Function November 18, 2009

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Linking is my most favorite function in the WordPress. It is very useful in enhancing and improving my blogs. Through this, we can go to other sites wherein we can get more informations that can support our explanations or insights on a certain topic or subject matter. I can show the readers proofs about my blogs. People who are surfing the net can easily detect or find my blogsite using the links. Linking is the easiest way to explore different sites. For example, I can go to my friendster or facebook accounts without logging in. Another example, I can go to other blogsites without typing the name of the site. Finally, I can invite other people to visit my blog.

Camp Blog Experience November 18, 2009

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My Unforgettable Experience in Camp Blog

Mimosa is such an extraordinary and unfamiliar place to me. When I first stepped on the grounds of it, I was overwhelmed. It seemed like strolling in a royal place. On the other hand, I was flattered being one of the participants in Camp Blog 1B. It was such a great pleasure. I’ve learned so many things in blogging in the past few days and I know I will learn more in the following days.

My stay in Villa 1442 is very convenient and memorable. The villa serves as the avenue for friendship,why?…because it is where camaraderie was built. This is the place where participants gained their new friends. I will never forget the soft bed, the wide blankets and soft pillows, the airconditioned rooms and the shower room. Lastly, I will miss the Hilltop and Verandah where delicious foods are served. Homesickness is still bothering me but I enjoy the daily activities here in camp blog. I do appreciate the organizers of this camp, the iSchools. They deserve to be honored. My camp blog experience is really memorable. I can only say, “ I enjoy while I learn.”

This a link to iSchools campblog..

CHEM Fire November 18, 2009

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Here is a sample link

Why Did I Choose My Topic? November 17, 2009

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Aside from the fact that this topic is a science-related, it is also an experiential one. It is based from my own schema in our locality. By this, people who may read the article will find it very conversational and somehow can relate to it. The scope or the focus of the topic are the background/history of the place(Mayon Volcano in Albay) that I will feature, effects of the volcanic eruption to the lives of people residing in the said area, Volcanic gases that could help us clearly understand the scientific explanation of its volcanic activity. Another reason why I want to blog this is that it will give the readers an idea about one of the famous tourist spots here in the Philippines. The style of the article is an anecdotal. This will also give them more informations about the latest happenings in the place. In short, it’s a sort of a news story.

Exploring the Science World November 17, 2009

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Get closer to the NUCLEUS!!!

Atoms which are known to be the building blocks of life generally explain why molecules/compounds, organs, organ systems and other forms of matter are formed. I know all of you have already encountered these things. Let me just refresh your minds from this concept.

Atoms have different charges, the positive and negative charge. These charges are used by an atom to react with other atoms to form a compound. Remember the Ionic and Covalent bonding? The clear picture that shows the ionic bonding is the formation of a compound Magnesium chloride. An example of a covalent bonding is the formation of a compound Carbon dioxide. If we are going to study it further, we’ll be able to understand the background and scope of the study or discourse.

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